The prices that we charge for our events include, without exception, the following:

boat rental, fuel costs, embarkation and disembarkation at our port Dock 11, in Central Budapest. We are entitled to transport up to 10 passengers.

If you can’t find the event of your choice, please, contact us, and whether you have definite ideas for the event that matches your taste or not, we’ll help you put the perfect event together. While you’re sailing with us, you’ll be free to have whatever you desire from the Dry Martini’s bar on payment of the prices shown on our drink list.

For the drink list, please click here: DRINKS


If you are looking for the perfect experience, don't rush but book our program. The trip is 90 minutes long, so you can enjoy not only the moment of sunset and of the turn on of the city lights, but at the end of your journey you can admire the great splendor of nightlife in Budapest.

Of course, a double dose of beverage is available to all our guests for the longer trip.

430 EUR/Boat/1.5hour
Optional: Cheese&ham platter: 20 EUR/person
Optional: Open bar package: 30 EUR/person/hour

The Best Boat Tour in Paris, Prauge or Budapest!!

We booked the tour for our family of 4 which includes 2 adult children. We booked the boat 90 minutes from 7:15 to 8:45 which allowed us to see Budapest in sunlight, dusk, & dark. The boat is new, spacious, & unlike Riva boats, there are no exhaust fumes! The captain & crew mate/bartender are a family with the sone speaking fluent English including a great sense of humor & an insatiable curiosity. The Martini’s were literally the best we had in any of the 4 countries visited on this trip! Most importantly, they guided us up & down the Danube ensuring we saw & heard about all of the best sites. In addition, we were given plenty of photo op moments at the best places. This boat & crew were so fun, our family rated it the best activity we had during the entire trip.

Romantic & Champagne

Our Romantic&Champagne tour is the perfect choice for the two of you. Be this special occasion a proposal, wedding anniversary, birthday or a just simple private tour for two, this program on the Dry Martini board will surely deliver you an unforgettable experience. Pleasant music, spectacular panoramic view and a bottle of ice cold Champagne (Moet&Chandon).

330 EUR/Boat/hour
Optional: Cheese&ham platter: 20 EUR/person

Best view in town and first class experience

This was a trip belonging to the extra class. My girlfriend and me intended to have a romantic and private boat trip on the Danube by night. Dry Martini was therefore the best decision we could ever make. When we arrived at the dock the crew consisting of father and son welcomed us warmly and offered us a drink at the bar. The whole boat is equipped very classy and highlighted by indirect lighting. When we left the dock and drove through the river this breathtaking view of the beauty Budapest showed up. I’m already here for 4 months and I have seen several nice viewpoints but this one is by far the most beautiful view ever. Moreover, the crew could give us interesting information about the history, buildings and politics of Budapest.

The second half of the trip my girlfriend and me spent on the couch in the front and we were enjoying our drink in the airstream in combination with this amazing experience on a private and calm boat on the Danube. For speed junkies: the boat can even go very fast. In conclusion I have to say that this was an unforgettable experience and worth every cent. My girlfriend and I had a wonderful and romantic night but I can surely imagine that you will have an amazing time with a bigger group too. I really recommend this trip to everybody who wants to enjoy Budapest in a private atmosphere, with a friendly crew, good drinks, classy boat and the stunning view of Budapest’s riverside. I would always do it again and prefer this kind of a trip to the commercial ones with tons of other people and uncomfortable seats... Thumbs up DRY MARTINI

Dry Martini Breakfast

You can hardly find a better program to start a beautiful spring or summer day with than a breakfast on Dry Martini's deck. Budapest is magnificent in the morning. The river is still quiet with little traffic and the panorama of the UNESCO World Heritage is impressive this time of the day. It is guaranteed that you will have an unforgettable experience. Try our ham, cheese and fruit selection with fresh croissants. Drink a glass or two of our ice-cold prosecco or orange juice and sit back to enjoy every minute of the journey. Duration of the event: 1 hour.

270 EUR/Boat/hour + 20 EUR/person

Great prosecco brunch and vistas of Budapest from the river

A very special experience, even on a windy day. Courteous service, delicious prosecco. A luxurious but relaxed ride, with a very enjoyable expert music playlist compiled by Captain Galambos. /Budapest/

The Gold and Blue Hour (Sunset Tour)

This is the special time of the day when light shed by the Sun on the Danube and on the remainder of Budapest is in its perfect glow. Sail aboard the Dry Martini while the Sun is going down over Budapest! This is how you’ll be in a position to snap your loveliest photos of the City and, likewise, to take the best selfies! The fact is that there exists a unique light which illuminates Budapest just before and after sunset, so it is not by pure chance that professional photographers have named this particular time of the day ՙ the gold and blue hour՚. Quite naturally, our passengers will be free to have their drinks aboard. Getting on board and departure from Dock 11. Duration of the event: 1 hour.

You can also choose our Sunset+ program for the best experience.

300 EUR/Boat/hour
Optional: Cheese&ham platter: 20 EUR/person
Optional: Open bar package: 30 EUR/person/hour

Highlight of our trip to Budapest!

This is definitely the way to see Budapest at sunset. I was looking for a boat trip when organising a long weekend to Budapest with friends when I came across Dry Martini and I am so glad I did. We had a fabulous sunset cruise going up and down the Danube at a relaxed pace , drinks and cameras in hand as the sun set over this beautiful city . Sit up at the bar or chill on the back seats , your choice. Then it was take your seats as we experienced the boat at speed up and down the Danube again , great fun. The guys were really friendly and it was great to chat to them about their city. 
Everyone came off the boat buzzing and at the end of a great weekend this was voted the highlight, thank you Dry Martini! If you are a group like us ( 4 couples) don’t go for a large boat ,where you sit in rows on the deck , book Dry Martini and see Budapest in style . You won’t regret it !

Budapest by Night

Departure after sunset. All the ships are out on the river, everyone wants to see the city this time when the lights are glowing. Do not miss it out, come with us on a fantastic tour, we promise you won’t forget this wonderful experience .1-hour tours with getting on board and departure from Dock 11. 

300 EUR/Boat/hour
Optional: Cheese&ham platter: 20 EUR/person
Optional: Open bar package: 30 EUR/person/hour

Absolutely not believe you can find a better private boat than this on the Danube……..

Anyway, I'm proud I booked Dry Martini, I think my big brother and companions are very satisfied. I strongly recommend Dry Martini to all friends who travel to Budapest. If I would take a boat trip with other friends on the Danube in Budapest in the future, I only selected Dry Martini. Dry Martini is a sense of happiness. Dry Martini is decent! /Shanghai/

Sightseeing in Budapest

Get out of your mind all the ideas you’ve had for sightseeing by boat up to now! Hold on to your seat and have one hour of unforgettable experience sailing aboard the Dry Martini, feasting your eyes on Budapest’s wonderful sites & sights, enjoying your favourite pieces of music and having a glass or two of ice cold drinks from the deck bar!

Going aboard from Dock 11, next the following route: the Parliament, Margaret Bridge, Gellért Hill, MÜPA, Bálna, Chain Bridge or the destination of your choice. We’ll invite each passenger of ours for a glass of drink like prosecco, wine, Dry Martini or a soft drink.

270 EUR/Boat/hour
Optional: Cheese&ham platter: 20 EUR/person
Optional: Open bar package: 30 EUR/person/hour

Family Cruise on the Danube - Excellent Service!

We rented Dry Martini Party boat for a sunset cruise with our family from Boulder, Colorado. We truly enjoyed it as the staff was professional and the experience was amazing! If you are visiting Budapest and enjoy a unique experience we highly recommend renting the boat for an hour instead of joining one of the larger boat companies for a tourist trip. Both the crew and the boat are top-notch and reserving was super easy with online payment option. Brian & Zsofia & Logan - Boulder, Colorado, USA


3-hour-long boat trip to marvellous Szentendre, the town of painter artists. Getting on the Dry Martini from Dock 11, then sailing all along Margaret Island facing Pest, next travelling on by river all along the Promenade and boathouses in Roman Riverside, then leaving the fabulous cottages on Lupa Island behind, finally arriving and getting off in the historic nucleus of Szentendre. A 4-hour long event, including an approximately 90-120-minute stopover in Szentendre. While you’re going aboard in both Budapest and in Szentendre, you’ll be treated to a cold drink.

600 EUR/Boat/3 hour
Optional: Cheese&ham platter: 20 EUR/person
optional: Open bar package: 30 EUR/person/hour

A great way to spend time in Budapest

We went on this cruise a couple of weeks ago, really a totally pleasant 3 hours. Sandor and his son were great, answered questions, took their time and mixed some great drinks. A cruise on the Danube is great, the Dry Martini made it even better. I would recommend this to anyone who visits Budapest /New York/

Our main port is Dock 11, just below Petőfi tér, by the lower quayside, in Central Budapest. There you can be sure to get on and off the Dry Martini safely and conveniently. The fee charged for the use of the port is included in the price of the event.