Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can board the boat? In addition to the crew, we can carry a maximum of ten people.

How long is a program? Generally it takes 60 minutes from boarding til exit (except for our "Szentendre" program), nevertheless one and a half, two or three hour trips can be booked, and the length of the journey can also be modified during the trip unless there is another reservation.

Can I modify my existing reservation? Yes, of course, depending on the other bookings of the boat. When are we supposed to arrive at the port? Guests are supposed to arrive no longer than 5 minutes before departure in order not to interfere with other bookings later the day.

Will it just be us exclusively on board? Yes, we do not share the boat even if you booked it only for two or four people. Are the prices the same in case of booking for two and for ten people? Yes, because our costs are the same in both cases.

What rules do I have to comply with on the ship? Please read our Terms and Conditions of Use carefully as it contains important information regarding the service. TCA

Can I listen to my favorite songs during the journey? Yes, we can download your favorite playlists from a pendrive or from your phone.

Is there an opportunity for guided tour in the program? Unfortunately, there isn’t, but we are happy to share what we know about the city and the sights of the Danube. How can I pay in advance? you can pay either with paypal or credit card via a link sent in email. If you insist on a transfer payment, we can resolve it also. In case of a failed trip, the repayment of the advance shall be governed by the ASZF.

When can I pay the remaining amount? On the deck of Dry Martini after the trip, with a credit card or cash.

Can I bring food to the boat? No, please. If you want to eat on the boat, contact us in advance and we will arrange a cold dish.

Can I bring a drink to the boat? Please do not bring any drinks with yourself on board. We have everything in the bar that you may want to drink.

Can I bring my pet onboard? Please do not bring any pets on board.

Can people with physical disability use the boat? Of course, but please check the details beforehand.

Can small children board the boat? Yes, but due to the statutory regulations, they are obliged to wear a life jacket. (Of course, we provide life jackets.)

Can a baby carriage or a wheel chair be placed on the ship during the journey? Yes, we can manage that.

Is there a lavatory / toilet on the boat? Unfortunately, there isn't. If it is neccessary we can stop somewehere. The awaiting time is included in the trip, therefore it is advisable to arrenge these things beforehand or after departure.

What is to happen in case of bad weather (heavy rain, windstorms)? We delay the trip or repay the advance.

Can I embark or disembark at other ports besides dock 11? We prefer the use of dock 11, but of course other Wiking and BKK ports can be considered. If you have such request, please contact us in advance.

What is the welcome drink exactly? You can choose from any drinks of the boat bar, except Champagne.

What kind of drinks are there on the boat? Here you will find the full range of drinks: DryMartini drinks

Can I drink other drinks besides the welcome drink on the boat? Of course, you can pay either with cash or credit card.

What does the unlimited drink package mean? It means unlimited consumption of any beverage from the drink menu exept Champagne for one hour/ person. The price is 30 EUR.